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I am interested in exploring real estate opportunities with Blue Ring Investors LLC (the "Company"). I understand that I must inform the Company as to whether I am Accredited (see Section A), Non-Accredited or Sophisticated (see Section B) to be qualified to invest.
(NOTE: There are other definitions of Accredited that may apply to investors who are legal entities. If you are seeking to qualify under one of those standards, please contact the Company.)

Please fill in the following fields, then read Sections A and B below and check the box next to each Section only if you meet the stated requirements for each Section.

B. Sophistication: Business, Financial, and Investment Experience and Expertise

I understand that, whether I am Accredited or Non-Accredited, I must qualify as a Sophisticated Investor by demonstrating my ability to evaluate the risks and merits of the investment opportunity, with the assistance of a financial adviser of my choosing (who will sign the subscription booklet on my behalf), or on my own by virtue of my business, education, investing, or financial experience, as provided in the following sections:

I I/we hereby certify the above is true and correct